Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Celeste

Happy Birthday Celeste!!!

Today our second daughter is thirteen!!! Celeste is quite an amazing and talented young lady, and has many interests and hobbies. She absolutely LOVES to bake! She very creative and isn't afraid to experiment in the kitchen. She loves to try different combinations of spices and herbs when she's cooking, and we've been the lucky recipients of some culinary masterpieces. It's funny......I'll often quiz her when I've cooked something new. I'll ask her to identify the spices or herbs and 95% of the time she right......even with the more unique spices.

The little ones love to watch.............

Celeste also has artistic qualities........she did not get those from me! She inherited these traits from her very talented Gramie! Celeste loves to draw, paint, crochet, and sew! For her birthday, she asked for another sewing machine (which will be coming soon), as well as sewing and painting supplies, of which she is now well stocked!

And finally, two of our favorite character traits in her that make Celeste who she is: First, she has a sweet servant's spirit. She's always willing to help and has great situational awareness. She generally see's a need and responds before asked! Second, she's a little comedian. Maybe not so much out in public, but here at home. She cracks us up daily, especially with her quick-witted humor in unexpected moments!

Celeste, you are a treasure and you've grown into a special young lady! We're thankful for every moment God has blessed us with you and look forward to watching you grow into the woman God has created you to be!

Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you!!
(I posted this today, Sunday, June 22. For some reason blogger saved it as June 21st)


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I can proudly say that me and my sweet babies are blessed recipients of Celeste's beautiful spirit! We love you Celeste and we miss you greatly! I hope you have a wonderful 13th birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday and miss you

  3. Happy Birthday Celeste! I can't believe she is 13. Time goes by so fast. Miss you all.

  4. I remember so well the day little Cheyenne and I waited for baby Celeste to be born. Seeing that little bundle of sweetness was such a joy. Cheyenne didn't quite know what to think of this tiny baby. They looked so cute together. I knew this new gift from God would be special. We all did..Look at her now! Celeste, you are such a dear, such a gentle beautiful soul, and beautiful young lady; so loving and giving, with a smile that melts my heart everytime. I'm bursting with pride. Happy Birthday sweetie, Grandpa & I love you so much and count our blessings for having you as our granddaughter.


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