Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Beauty

Today, our sweet Sophia is turning FIVE!

She's our little girl who is already thinking about when she'll turn 8, then 12, then "be big" like Cheyenne! She's also our first child (at such a young age) who is already talking about "when she gets married........" and to WHOM she will marry! This is new for us as none of the others have worried/dreamed about this so early. We simply remind her that she needs to enjoy being a kid and that God already knows who she will marry, so she doesn't have to worry about that now!

Sophia is a ball of energy and always has a smile on her face! And while she LOVES to be rambunctious with Seth, her favorite thing to do is play dress up......she loves to pretend to be a princess! She also loves to color! When she gets up in the morning, it's the first thing she'll ask to do, and any time there's a free moment throughout the day, she'll ask to color!

In school,  math is her favorite subject!

She's our little Beauty and we're so thankful for this little girl who brings so much joy to our lives!

Happy Birthday Sophia!


  1. Happy, happy birthday Sophia!

  2. Charles, Adrienne, Trinity and Noah3:00 PM

    Happy Birthday Sophia!! You are such a beautiful,smart, and fun little girl. We hope that you have a great birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday...Sophia

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