Monday, September 24, 2007

Family Movie Night

One of the kids' favorite family activities is movie night! We let them stay up late and eat lots of junk food, while enjoying a movie! What's not to like, right?

Last Friday night was no exception! We spread out the trusty old blanket and donned it with popcorn, chips and guacamole, cake, pink lemonade and S'mores! They had a great time!

Ethan especially enjoyed diving into his S'mores! Ohhh Yeah!!


  1. I love family nights!! It's times like those that make me want a bigger family. Your children look so happy. We miss you guys!!

  2. What fun!!! Those are the greatest memories! You guys are doing such a wonderful job with the kids! LOVE AND MISS YOU LOTS

  3. We have done that sporadically but this inspires me to start doing it more frequently. What a beautiful family on that blanket. Miss ya!

  4. We have Family Movie Night every Friday, and our kids just love it! Dave makes lots of different flavors/colors of homemade popcorn and they love that we're all watching something together. I just love building those kind of memories!!

  5. How fun! We do the same thing on Friday nights, then Ryan sleeps downstairs with the boys. Where did you get the popcorn bags?

  6. Kim,

    I got the popcorn bags at the Dollar Store. I was so excited to find them because I knew the KIDS would LOVE having their own popcorn bag! They were a fun addition!


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