Monday, March 12, 2007

My Girls, My Heros

choose ye this day whom you will serve!

I'd just like to share with you about how much I appreciate my older girls. Of course, I appreciate and love ALL of my children, but this post is reserved for Cheyenne (14) and Celeste (11). I've always said that God knew I needed the two older girls to help me manage all of the younger ones. We say it with a joking connotation, but most days, there is so much truth in the statement. Today was no exception.

Over the past couple of weeks we've had a string of illnesses pass through most of the kids. The one it affected the most, of course, was baby Ethan. It's impossible for a 9 month old baby to sleep with a congested head and a nagging, he didn't......which meant WE didn't.

After several nights of almost no sleep, the dynamics of our household had become a bit short-tempered and irritable. Okay, MOM had become short-tempered and irritable, mostly just the days Daddy was at work.

Cheyenne and Celeste have always been huge helpers in my life and they always seem to find unexpected ways in which to minister to Momma. Chey is really good about offering to watch the little ones so I can lie down for a bit. Celeste is always good about secretly setting up my foot bath massager while I'm putting the little ones to bed. Then, while my feet are soaking, she'll rub my shoulders or brush my hair.

Once again, they both managed to show me the love and service of Jesus while I was having a difficult/tired morning. Ethan actually slept all through the night, which was GREAT, however, the storm kept me up for several hours. Nonetheless, I felt pretty good and was geared up for a great day of schooling (even during spring break).

Well, as soon as Ethan woke up, he fussed and fussed and fussed. This usually doesn't bother me, especially since I know he just doesn't feel well.  But today, I just didn't have it in me to cope with all of the fussing and whimpering.......for hours.

He wasn't happy playing and he wasn't happy being held. He didn't quite know what he wanted, he just knew he didn't feel well. I decided to put him to bed hoping that he just needed a nap. That didn't work. At this point, I'm on the verge of tears out of sheer exhaustion, so I put him back into his crib and flopped onto my bed. 

He just cried and cried. So I prayed and prayed! I prayed that the God would give me what I needed to get through the day.

Just then, Cheyenne came into my room and said, "Mommy, would you like me to give Ethan a bath? That usually makes him feel better." I told her that that was a good idea and thanked her for taking him. Then, Celeste came in and immediately began to assist Cheyenne, and then went to get fresh clothes for Ethan. I heard Celeste tell the little ones to "play quietly so Mom can rest".

I can't tell you how blessed I felt at that moment. Just the mere fact that my sweet girls were ministering to me with a caring spirit, I suddenly gained a second wind and a renewed desire make this a joyful day. I thanked the Lord for blessing me with them and hopped out of bed, ready to be mom again.

They are so special and I am truly thankful for them. Not only are they sweet girls, but they were also setting a tremendous example to the younger ones by their sweet service. I hope and pray that our little ones will follow in their footsteps, not only by serving our family, but serving others as well.

Thank you, Cheyenne and Celeste for ministering to me in such a special way and helping me get through our "daddyless days" with joy! I love you!

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  1. OK, this one has me teared up! I know EXACTLY how you feel. With Jules so sick, the boys(mainly James) have really had to step it up. Today was no exception, but to my surprise it was Jeremy who came to Mommy's rescue while Dad and James were in town. Hang in there and good for you to recognize His hand in these trialsome times.

  2. So sweet! Do you rent them out?!? ;)

  3. Tell the girls that I am so proud of them!!! Love ya lots!

  4. You are so blessed, Candace. I have never seen your older ones being anything but helpful, and they are so precious to have your well-being in mind at that age. It IS amazing how glimpses into their hearts like that can give us all the motivation we need to keep on keeping on. I know those sick, whiny days well! It's enough to send you right over the edge! ;)


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