Friday, March 30, 2007

A Funny Conversation

Conversations With Sophia

One of my favorite times with Sophia is at night while tucking her into bed. This is when she turns into a chatter box. Not because she's trying to get out of going to bed, but because she's got my undivided, with-no-interruptions, attention. We talk about anything from "how much she likes Ethan" to "what can she wear the next day" to "ice cream cones" to "God questions".

The other night we talked about the beach and how excited she was about our upcoming vacation. She had lots of questions about the beach and just our trip in general, but here was her most burning question:

"Mommy, will there be socks at the ocean?"

Puzzled, I said, "No, we won't wear socks to the beach, we'll wear sandals."

She said, "No, are there soooocks at the ocean?"

Thinking this was a funny thing to ask I again replied, "Well, we can wear our socks and shoes, but it's better to just wear our sandals."

A bit frustrated, she tried one more time, "Noooo, will there be shaaaaaaawwwwks?"

"OH!! SHARKS!" I said (as I'm trying not to laugh over the miscommunication). "No, honey, there won't be any sharks where we'll be. Don't you worry."

Poor, sweet thing.......she tried so hard to get that tricky "R" sound to work for her. But at least her worrisome question was answered and she could finally sleep in peace!


  1. Very cute! Aren't they funny when they are first trying to communicate?

    Kora said the other day, "I wish Lauryn would talk more." Which dumbfounded me, because Lauryn is a chatterbox ALL THE TIME. But she clarified, "No, I mean talk better, so we could understand what she meant." Ah, yes, but then we lose all the cute things they say!

  2. That's too cute, Candace! It's so fun to start getting some insight into their little thought life. So much goes on in their young minds that we don't often give them credit for.


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