Monday, January 15, 2007

A Tradition No Longer......


Several weeks ago I wrote about our Krispy Kreme tradition and how Daddy just can't compete with the doughnuts on "payday Fridays".

Well, this past Friday our plans were a little different. Greg had decided to ride his bike to work the Thursday before, which meant he couldn't very well ride home Friday morning with two dozen doughnuts under his arm (although that would have been a funny sight). So, Greg came up with the idea that he would ride to Krispy Kreme and the kids and I would just meet him there. He even wanted all the kids to stay in their jammies, to add to the excitement factor.

So, very early Friday morning, the kids and I piled into the car and headed to Krispy Kreme. I could feel the anticipation building up in the kids as we drew nearer to Krispy Kreme. They all watched out the windows in excitement, trying to spot Daddy on his bike as we made the left turn onto the access road leading to Krispy Kreme. As we entered into the driveway, I noticed the building looked rather sparce....things looked strange through the windows. I pulled up to the front of the building to get a closer look and.....sure enough.....a notice....that can't be good.....very hesitantly I read.....

"This location is CLOSED, please visit one of our other locations." 


Yes, there it hung.....this horrible notice just taunting us and mocking us as we stared in utter shock! How could this be??? What will we ever do? How will I break the news to the hungry doughnut addicts in the back seat? It was difficult, but I had to do it! The looks of sheer disappointment on their faces was just too much to bear...

So we all wept bitterly!

Okay, maybe not, but we wanted to! This would certainly be the end to one of the kids' most coveted traditions! The other Krispy Kreme locations are just too far to continue our "payday Friday" doughnut run.

Once we, somewhat, got over the shock of the closure (I mean, after all, Greg was just there two Fridays before.....they could have warned us), we remembered that we were still waiting for Greg to arrive. When he arrived, we broke the news to him gently, packed up his bike, and headed for home with heavy hearts and empty stomachs!  My poor babies!

I guess we'll have to come up with another "payday Friday" morning traditon! .....Sigh.....

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  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    That is about the saddest thing I have ever read. I am so glad I had a box of tissues nearby! I am happy to hear that yall made it through that terrible ordeal. And, I know that you will come up with an even better Payday Friday tradition...although, what could be better than donuts?

  2. I looked and looked for a sympathy e-card to send you, but I just couldn't find one that adequately expressed my broken heart for you. Oh well, I'll keep trying...

    In the meantime, can I just say, please do NOT get desperate and try Shipley's instead? Really, HEB has pretty good doughnuts and you can almost guarantee that THEY are never going to close!

  3. Anonymous11:47 PM

    NOOO!! I could feel their pain as I read your post. It makes me sad.. and I hate donuts. LOL Its almost like a sad ending to a good movie. Well hopefully you guys can come up with a better "payday Friday" tradition. Hope it works out for ya'll! :)

  4. Console the children by announcing that 'payday Fridays' will now be known as 'payday oatmeal-day'. They will be so overwhelmed at their good fortune that you'll never hear the end of it.

  5. You all are TOO funny! Thank you so much for your caring words. We are all coping with the devastating news and are trying to come up with another tradition......we're seriously considering Kristen's "payday oatmeal-day" idea! ;-)

  6. I'm so sorry. And I feel a little guilty. We found out Sunday before last that they were closed and it NEVER occurred to me that you guys didn't know or that I should say something to you. The Prathers had swung by there to pick up donuts for their brunch, but they had to go up to I10 instead.

    Maybe you could start a payday Sonic or pizza tradition instead. Help them forget the oatmeal from that morning. ;)

  7. Oh, how tragic! I can't believe that a Krispy Kreme actually closed...maybe you guys should have made it a daily tradition... You know, just to do your part in keeping it open. I suppose then we'd have to roll you around wherever you needed to go.

  8. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Okay Candace,

    Buy a small Fry-Daddy and make your donuts like we did when you were know the very decadent ones using the VERY EXPENSIVE brand-x canned biscuits, punch a whole in the middle and pop them in the hot oil! Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and/or sugar icing...YUMMMMM

    I'm pretty sure that's how Krispy Kreme makes theirs :)


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