Monday, January 01, 2007

A Child's Playground

......well, at least for the Sabo kids, anyway!

About once a week, the kids and I will head to the fire station to have dinner with Greg. We love being able to visit him at work and are truly grateful for this privilege.'d think after years of Daddy being a fire fighter, the kids would be tired of "seeing" the fire trucks. Not so!!! We cannot leave the station without one of the kids requesting to see (or play on) the trucks.

This is especially exciting for Seth! I love watching the expressions of pure elation every time he gets on one of the trucks! Well, Greg has a brand new truck and you don't have to guess how excited Seth was when Daddy took him for a ride in it! He was in heaven!

Just look at that beaming face!

Ethan and Chloe even joined in on the fun!

We always have a great time when we go to the station.......I'm quite sure it's simple pleasures like this that are being permanently imprinted on the hearts of our children.....I know how much I treasure these simple days, just being together as a family!


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