Monday, June 24, 2013

Celeste's Graduation

On June 1st, we had the privilege of celebrating the graduation of our sweet daughter, Celeste.  This was our second home school graduation, which looked much differently than the first, but was just as special and lovely.  Our oldest daughter is a pianist, so we celebrated her graduation in conjunction with her senior recital.  Therefore, it was a bit more formal.

Celeste wanted something more simple and relaxed at home.  Since missions were her focus over the last two years, we incorporated a slide show into the program so that she could share her travels to Africa with friends and family.  It was a lovely day, and it was so special to honor Celeste and all her hard work.

(Most of the photos were taken before the graduation began, so we don't have many pics of all the fun.  We got sorta busy then.)

Celeste made a collage of her favorite childhood photos and quotes.  Our oldest daughter, Cheyenne, set up this lovely table for guests to peruse as they walked in.

We enjoyed fresh fruit with a delicious fruit dip, mini quiches, and Spicy Texas Hummus with Blue Corn Tortilla chips.

The Sweet and Savory Meatballs were delish!  Celeste made the cute food signs for an added fun, decorative touch .

You can't go wrong with a lovely relish tray full of fresh veggies.

My friend Lisa from The Pennington Point posted these cute Graduation Cap Pops on her blog some time ago.  We just knew we had to make them.  Ours didn't turn out quite as clean and tidy as hers, but they were still cute and the kids loved them!

Celeste saw this cake in a cake magazine, and had complete confidence in her mama that I could make one just like it.  : )  I always enjoy making my babies special cakes.  She loved this one!

The Fruit Water was both pretty and refreshing.  Everyone seemed to like it.

I ordered these super cute graduation water bottle labels, along with some other fun graduation decorations, from Oriental Trading.  Aren't they great?

A few of Celeste's sweet friends.

My wonderful, sappy husband just can't get through a presentation with his girls without getting weepy.  I love this man!

Our 2013 graduate!

We placed a photo and matting on the table so that guests could sign it for Celeste.  A sweet memento from this special day.

Our awesome friend, Geoff, provided us with a huge screen and projector for Celeste's slide show.  It was perfect.  She narrated each photo and shared stories about favorite moments from her missions trip. 

On a funny note, about an hour before guests were due to arrive, our beloved family table came crashing to the floor.  As we were moving the table, the legs buckled.  They just don't make things like they used to, huh?  Thankfully, nothing was on the table at the time, but we did have to rig it so that we could still use it.  Notice in the pic above that we have a long sheet draped to the floor.  This was to cover the broken legs underneath.  lol  We were SO grateful to find out that we could order new legs from the vendor.  Table is now good as new! 
It was a wonderful day, and we look forward to what God has planned for Celeste's future.  We are so blessed to be the parents of this incredible young lady, and know that with God's strength and grace, she will be a light wherever He leads her!
*Many thanks to our wonderful neighbor, Kari, for taking the photos.


  1. What a precious day for your family! Everything is gorgeous and so well thought out. Hooray for you to have another graduation behind you. Lisa~

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