Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Quick Fix: No-Sew Hem

What do you do with your kids' hole-y pants? Do you toss them, patch them, use them as dust rags?

Here's an easy way to salvage pants with holes in the knees. All you need is an iron, a little Liquid Stitch, and of course, the poor, abused, hole-y pants! No sewing required for this quick fix!

Once you've cut off the legs just above the holes, neatly roll up pants one time, creating an even edge, and press with hot iron (below). Try not to be distracted by my dirty ironing board. 

You're distracted aren't you...

Once you've got a good crease, place a thin line of Liquid Stitch under the fold.  (Tried to get a pic of this step, but the battery died....shucks!)  Press firmly with fingers to adhere.  Repeat on second leg. 

Next, roll up one more time, creating a thicker, more secure hem.  Press with iron again.  Place another thin line of Liquid Stitch under second fold and press firmly to adhere.

And here you have it...a nice pair of shorts, frugally salvaged from a hole-y pair of capris!  And I didn't have to lug out the sewing machine! 

Here's my sweet seven year old modeling her new shorts!  She loves them!

What are your favorite quick fixes?  Please share!


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