Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mama Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

Lets Paint!

It's a beautiful, lazy Saturday morning. Mommy and Daddy are relaxing, kids are playing, older girls are gone getting fitted for bridesmaid's dresses, no pressing appointments to worry about. Sounds perfect right?

In our eighteen years of parenting, one thing we've learned is that when it's TOO quiet, it's time to check on the little ones. Our instincts proved correct!

We came upon a scene of total art madness. In our older girls' room, no less. The guilty suspects? Our two, and three year old.  BUSTED!  Where shall I begin?

Sketching pencils strewn about.  Open tubes of acrylic, oil, and watercolor paint all over the carpet.  A "redesigned" abstract painting that Celeste had just painted last night, ruined, courtesy of little sister.  And, of course, Jonathan and Genevieve, covered in paint.

The little sleuths got into the big girls' room despite having a "child safety knob" on the door.  I didn't know whether to be glad the girls weren't home to see the condition of their room, or be furious that a certain, unnamed child didn't put away her painting supplies!

Never fear, Superhero Mom and Dad dove in head first and conquered the chaos.  The girls will neeeever know what happened.  Well, except for that redesigned painting....and the paint on their sheets, and the empty paint tubes, and......

It's days like this that I am eternally grateful for my handy dandy carpet cleaning machine, which got ALL the paint out of the carpet.  It definitely works overtime in our home.  It's just the nature of having children, especially a lot of children, that messes like these are a regular, and expected,  part of our life!  We just clean them up, and laugh about them later....much later.

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