Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Trampoline

It's A Hit

After many years of contemplating a trampoline for the kids, we finally did it. My parents graciously sent us Christmas money for the kids which helped us make the purchase. The kids have had a blast almost every day on it. Maybe once I have the baby, I'll give it a go too. :-)

Here's the little ones having their turn.....

And here are the "older" little ones (Ethan is missing)....

And even Greg has had his share of fun on it. The kids LOVE when he bounces on it and makes them fly up into the air....

We're so glad to have a trampoline. I'm sure I'll still worry about injuries, but we'll just pray everyone stays safe. It's been a great way to expend energy and get daily exercise. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us to finally get a trampoline.


  1. We have a trampoline too. We have to put it away for the winter so the kids are super excited to get it up again in spring. It never seems to get old!

  2. Trampolines are the BEST!!! How exciting that you now have one! They are such great fun and great exercise! When it gets too hot for the kids to want to be out there, add a sprinkler! Jumping + water = FUN!!!

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