Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jonathan is One

Happy First Birthday, Jonathan!

I can't believe we're here at a year already. It seems like with each baby I have, time just moves faster and faster, causing me to pause and savor every moment. Jonathan has been such joy with his sweet disposition and heart-warming smile. He has six teeth at this point, and began walking just before 11 months. He can say Mama, Da Da, and say "Hi" while waving. Such a big boy!

We celebrated his birthday a few days ago with his bestest pals, Ian and Fiona. It was a cute little party in which we also celebrated Ian and Fiona turning one since they were all born within two weeks of each other.

Happy birthday, Jonathan. You are a precious gift and we love you! Don't grow up too fast on us, okay? :-)


  1. Idaho Gramie10:43 AM

    God bless our little Jonathan! Happy 1st Birthday little guy...did you know you were born into the most wonderful family! Lucky baby! All our love and bunches of kisses for you from Gramie & G-pa!

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