Sunday, January 10, 2010

Genevieve's Birthday

A Few Birthday Photos

Yesterday, we celebrated Genevieve's 2nd birthday. Her birthday was the 7th, but we waited for the weekend to have the party. We had just a simple family celebration full of noise and laughter. I think she enjoyed it! ;-)

Her first gifts were from Celeste. She didn't seem too sure about these at first.....

She loves books......

She also loves to do the splits........

The tell you the truth, I had planned to keep the cake very simple. I wasn't up for cutting out shapes and mixing several colors of icing. After all, she's two! BUT....after Celeste suggested I make a Ladybug Cake...the girls begged me to do one. They found this one online. Since it was made from two rounds and only had two colors, I felt it would be simple enough. Thankfully, it was pretty easy....and I thought it turned out well.

Thought I'd throw in a bonus picture.....isn't he cute?


  1. Idaho Gramie12:14 AM

    I just can't get over how much more grown up she is from August! Your "home-birth" baby sure is growing is Jonathan... both have the Sabo cutness factor like the rest :) Can you see this proud Gramie smiling :) Love to all!


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