Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family Readings

Family Readings

Something I really cherish about our family is the time we spend reading aloud together. We try to choose books that will appeal to all ages, but this is not always easy, as two year olds just aren't interested sometimes. But we certainly try! We've read anything from "adventure" such as God's Smuggler, to "family growth" books such as Family Driven Faith, to even simple things like Character Building stories.

Currently, we are reading our yearly Advent book, Tabitha's Travels. This is the third book of a series. The first two are Jotham's Journey and Bartholomew's Passage. This happens to be our sixth year of reading these Advent books and we just love them. Sometimes we'll pile on the couch for our reading and other times we'll sit around the table sipping hot cocoa. But tonight was a beauty! Our neighbor had given us a bag of Hubba Bubba suckers, so we decided to save them especially for reading time. We sat around the table and let the kids go to town on their suckers. It was the most peacefully quiet reading yet!!!

Once we have finished our Advent book, we'll begin our new book, 10 P's in a Pod. I'm really excited about this one because I've heard and read many great reviews.......we can't wait!

If your family already reads together often, then you know how special it is (most of the! If not, I would encourage you to pick a great book and start reading to the family! You'll love it and your children will too!


  1. lol! LOVE the sucker idea! CJ gave my kids some and I just may pull them out when we read Bartholomew tonight!
    We love to read aloud too! I read Hero Tales to the kids every morning and then a chapter of a novel. Dirk reads the Bible morning and night and then a Redwall book. good times.

  2. Well I guess since we just started doing this more we don't look @ all like your family : )
    Josh is usually talking and running around. We just got Jotham's Journey. Does that mean we can read one of the others next Christmas Season?

  3. Great idea on the suckers!! We are also a big read aloud family! We have fond memories of reading the Little House series and Chronicles of Narnia! We have recently been reading missionary biographies and that has been great! We tend to read alot of books from Sonlight read alouds and the kids always laugh at me because I cry at so many of them. When we read Because of Winn Dixie, there was one part that just cracked me up and I couldn't stop laughing...I laughed till I cried and the kids still remember that and get a kick out of it. We are taking a break this year from the Jotham books and doing this Jesse Tree. The kids have loved coloring and pasting their leaves each night on the tree. Read aloud time is my favorite time. I love it that my 16 yo still loves it too!

  4. I want this for our family! Thank you for posting this, Candace. I read to the kids or some of the kids at different times, but never do we sit as a family to read. I have gotten wind a couple of times of family devotion time also. I hope to be able to start this in our family. I guess it can be a goal for the new year!

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