Thursday, September 11, 2008

Food Slicer

My New Baby

As our family has grown, we're always on the lookout to find things that will help our large family run a bit more smoothly or save us a little time. For obvious reasons we buy in bulk, which saves us money, but not so much on time as we have to process some of our meat, cheese and bread so that it is ready to be used.

Indeed, this new kitchen tool has proven to give us back a little of that time.
A couple of months ago, Greg bought me this food slicer. It's something I've wanted for a while, but patiently waited for the budget to allow! I can't tell you what an asset this has been in getting some of our food processed. We buy our cheese in 5 lb. bricks and we bake most of our breads. We also buy some of our lunch meat in whole pieces to serve multiple functions. Before the slicer, we spent a lot of time trying to cut and slice and trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight! Let's just say I'm not exactly the best free hand slicer in the world, and leave it at that! :-)

But now........we can turn this..........
Into a matter of seconds..........
I give you.........our new and improved (looking) bread.......
Now bag those babies up............

Ahhhhh, life is good.........and a bit easier! Thank you, honey, for our new baby! :-)


  1. Candace,
    Do you use that much bread before it molds, or are you freezing any? Where did you get the cool bags?

  2. Where did you find those bags for your bread? How well do they work for freezing?
    I love your new kitchen appliance!

  3. Jeanie and Jennifer,

    I bought these bags at HEB. They're the Debbie Meyers Bread bags. They're reusable and we LOVE them. You can use them up to ten times....just rinse them with cool water and dry REALLY well. I don't know exactly how long they prevent molding though because we go through our bread fairly quickly. We used regular bread bags for a long time (and still do if needed), but we love these.

    Yes, we do freeze our bread. First, I put them in the bags, then wrap over the bags with plastic wrap just for extra coverage. We will put 2-3 loaves in the freezer depending on our menu. They defrost nicely and the bread is still soft.

  4. Ok Candace,
    Once again you impress me! I want some sorta recipe, never made bread. I want your cornbread recipe too, best I ever had!

  5. oh, Im so jealous I dont even know what to say!

  6. I am so excited for you! Oh, there is still so much to be learned from the Sabo's. :) I'm with Jeanie on never making bread before. I will have to get with you on that adventure. Of course, then I will need a slicer so Chris may not want me to learn how. :)

  7. Jeanie,

    Okay, I have to give credit where credit is due. My friend Kristen gave me the cornbread recipe about 8 years ago. It's our favorite so we stick with it! Anything that practically tastes like cake is a good thing!

    And the bread......our friend CJ gave us her recipe years ago. We've made some minor changes to it, but the core recipe is wonderful. We've tried countless recipes (which were all good) but we seem to stick with this one, probably because we know it so well. Anyway, I'm sure she wouldn't mind me giving it out! You're more than welcome to come over and watch us make's easier once you've seen the process.

  8. I had wondered about those bags since Shannon raved about them for produce! Very cool, except that now I have appliance envy...


  9. That looks like it would make life a lot simpler. My girls are drooling:) !!!!! We're happy for you! But for now we will still have to have our crooked slices!

  10. A question?
    Is it quite big?
    Or small enough to store easily?

  11. Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet...

  12. The Pauls',

    It's not too big. I store it in a small pantry. It's probably no longer than 15 inches and maybe 8 in deep.

  13. Ahh this is a necessity, now if only they made one that you could just put the whole loaf in and make one cut for whatever thickness you desire-that would be it for me no matter what the cost lol! Your bread looks wonderful btw!

  14. So cool! You should really post the bread (and cornbread) recipe so I can have it too!!! :)

  15. Yes, I know that Kristen and I pretty much make everyone's lives better with our food!
    (But I guess we have to give credit where credit is due also and say that it's my MOM's bread recipe from the 1970's. :)
    And I'm way jealous of the slicer. Can't believe you got one before us!

  16. Sometimes the things that seem the most simple give us the most pleasure! I SO understand how that can make life wonderful!

  17. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I love the slicer...Dad bought me one when we first moved to Idaho, and I use it quite often, even though it's just the two of us for the most part. My favorite thing to use it for is cooking a big roast and slicing it for sandwiches. I'll also cut up a lot of veggies and freeze them for future soup and stew.. the uses are endless and the clean-up is easy. I'm looking forward to having that fresh bread Candace...someday :), I remember baking our bread before you were born and a few times after....good memories. Your house must smell like a wonderful warm and cozy resturant, makes me miss you all that much more..:(

  18. Hi,

    I visited your neighbors Kari & Kevin in August for a few days and got to sample your wonderful bread. Yum. I did wonder how you got your slices so even. I enjoyed meeting your sweet little ones when they brought the bread over.

  19. WOW! That is so cool. Luckily, it's too big to take to Costa Rica, or else I would be jealous.

  20. Wonder if we can get that bread recipe! Who do I need to contact? I need to start making my own bread, we go thru it like crazy here.. I tried a few recipes but didn't like them very much. Seriously would love to get the recipe if anyone would like to share you can email me.

  21. Can you tell us the brand and model of the food slicer, or is that against blog rules? I would love to have one, but want to make sure I get one that is good and reliable and easy to use! :)


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