Friday, August 29, 2008

Am I? Am I Not?

Am I? Am I not? (Updated)

Pregnant that is. First, let me say that I do not know the answer to this question.....yet! I thought it would be fun to do a little poll and find out what YOU think!

1. I am on day 42 of my cycle (my norm is 30-35 days)
2. The baby is nearly 8 mos. so a few of my friends keep asking "Are you pregnant yet?"
3. I'm a bit hungrier.....especially in the morning
4. I'm a teensie weensie bit moody-er.... (who me?)
5. I've dropped another couple of pounds (possibly burning more calories from nursing and developing baby)
6. My kids, especially the older girls desperately WANT me to be pregnant
7. The little ones keep talking as if we're already expecting

Maybe Not???
1. This would only be my second full cycle so I could just be "normalizing"
2. My longest cycle has been 44 days
3. The baby has been nursing more like a newborn in the last couple of weeks which could have thrown off my cycle
4. I'm hungrier because the baby is nursing more frequently
5. I'm moody because of hormones in name it
6. Again, because of increased nursing, it would make sense to drop a pound or two
7. As much as my children are ready for another baby, they can't WILL a pregnancy

So, based on these facts, what do you think? Leave a comment and give me your best guess.

Just so you know, I don't plan on testing until at least day 45 so I'll leave this poll open for several days. I probably won't post results until next Friday, so check back!
UPDATE: At the insistence of my sweet husband, I'll be posting results Monday (I'll test that morning-day 45)! I guess a week IS a long time to wait. And so far, no cycle, but also no additional symptoms either! ;-)

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  1. vote is that you ARE pregnant...something just tells me YES...Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    My answer is that you are going to have a Big Fat POSITIVE when you test. I can't believe I have to wait a whole week to find out. You sure know how to keep us on the edge of our seat!

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Yes!! You are definitely preggers! Yeah!! Ok, maybe I need to have another one with you...after all, my baby is one and I am a teensy weensy bit older than you!! I need you to e-mail me all the reasons to let God be in charge of fertility are a big reason that Caleb is here (God really used you to get through to us and help us let go of the fear). BUT, I refuse to wait till next Friday to find out (ha ha) You HAVE to call me the minute you find out...after you tell Greg, of course! :o)

  4. Well, I think I am going to go against the majority and say, Am not.
    But will be so excited for you all if you are. Waiting with great anticipation!

  5. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Well, heck yeeeeesss. A couple of weeks ago Greg told me Genevieve was growing too way too fast and his "baby" was slipping away..he ALWAYS says that....I've just been waiting for the phone call.

  6. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Well....IF you are then praise God because this world needs so many more people that love the Lord and follow Him the way your family does! My guess is YES, and my other guess is that I think you already know......even without a test.

  7. Hehe,
    We were just discussing this last night. I was in your boat last month when it being only my 3rd cycle. My guess hmm that is a long time to not have YES!

  8. I would definitely guess...
    YES!! That would be SO awesome! :o) I don't know if I can stand waiting a WHOLE week to
    know the results though! :o)

    Praying that the Lord has ALREADY added to your quiver! :o)

    4 Him~ Jenny Willis, momma to 9, w/ #10 due, 11/08! :o)

  9. Based on the evidence, I'm on the fence. I hope you are, but all those symptoms could be explained other ways, especially the older we get :-) So I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...

  10. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Just because I want it to be so, I say YES!!!!! Another Sabo is definetely a blessing to the world. All this talk makes me want to be pregnant too! We will see....get pregant or adopt?????? I can't believe you are actually going to wait a week! As soon as I started suspecting, I could never wait very much longer. You are a strong woman!

  11. I'm with you, Granny! Even though I have a few symptoms, they can be explained in other ways, especially now that I've officially hit the "advanced maternal age"! ;-)

  12. Anonymous3:12 PM

    OK..this is a no brainer...yes, you are p.g. my dear. Maybe I just know that cause I work around all these pregnancy test kits! I am holding one with your name on it here on my desk...and wait...wait a moment....this dark line is appearing through the wrapper....oh my! It is POSITIVE! Candace,if it turns out that you aren't pregnant...I'll love you anyway.

  13. Anonymous4:41 PM

    >Again, because of increased nursing, it would make sense to drop a pound or two<

    Ok, just had to comment on this...could someone please explain this concept to my body who believes that the more the baby nurses the more it has to HOLD ON the fat??? You know, because we're feeding 2 and there could be a famine or something! :o(

  14. Anonymous5:40 PM

    She must be. SHE HAS TO BE!!! Genevieve just started crawling TODAY, so this means it's time for a new baby in the house.

    As a side note, you all do not need to worry about waiting a week. I refuse to tolarate such torturous hogwash.

    Daddy to this MAYBE BABY

  15. Can't wait until we hear the results!! I am hoping you have a Big Fat Positive too!!

  16. I am going to say yes. Soooo exciting. I can't believe that when I met you, you only had 5 now you're working on 8!

  17. I don't have a clue???? I missed figuring out about Aaron by a lot because I didn't pay attention! It can really go unnoticed for a while especially when your running a family! Hee Hee Good luck! Can't wait to see the results!

  18. Today I received an email from a sweet friend expressing her concern for me if my result happens to be negative! In case any one else is feeling this way, PLEASE let me assure you that we are COMPLETELY content with either result! We trust in God's perfect timing and will be just fine if this test is negative!

    If we weren't okay with a neg result, we wouldn't have exposed this to the public.....just thought it would be fun!

    Thank you, sweet friend, for your love and concern!

  19. WOW indeed!! I vote....yes. I have my fingers crossed!

  20. Okay I just logged on today and didn't get to vote (I already know the results from the later post), but may I just say this is hilarious! I love that you posted this to your blog, Candace!

  21. Anonymous3:30 PM

    First time posting anything to a blog. Yeah me! :) Next time, how about some twins or triplets. haha


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