Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo Journal

Fun Photos

Do these make me look smart?

My......what BIG eyes you have!

The girls love to sew. Celeste is making a dress for Sophia.

Cheyenne is helping Celeste to gather the waist.

Genevieve and Caleb........the betrothed!

They go way back.......all the way back to Genevieve's birth!

This is big brother Ethan telling Genevieve that she's just too young to marry Caleb!


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    The pictures are adorable! And if Master Caleb turns out like his God loving and faithful Dad...he's got my vote for our precious Genevieve, in about 25 or so years.

  2. LOVE THOSE PICS.....So sweet! Love to you all!!!!!!!!!

  3. Caleb has some competition... Noah was smitten with Genevieve! And don't forget Ethan has dibs on Trinity.:) But I have to say Ethan has some competetion from the Shanks boys. LOL

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. What fun pictures :) Shiloh has a hubby to be, too. LOL He's the big guy in the pictures with her at her bday party :)


  5. Cute pictures! I e-mailed you when I started my blog and was wondering why you hadn't commented yet. Now I know, I guess my e-mail is still floating out in cyberspace.


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