Friday, February 15, 2008

Sick Sabos

This doesn't happen often.......but.......

.....most of our family is sick! We all have varying degrees of illness ranging from severe colds to the flu. Fortunately, Greg and baby Genevieve are still holding strong. We've been praying diligently that the two of them will stay well. Greg has been doing a wonderful job of taking care of us and keeping things running smoothly.

The sad aspect of us getting sick is that I was unable to go to the Whole Hearted Mother's Conference this weekend. Our group left early this morning for a weekend full of refreshment, fun, fellowship and inspiration! I'll miss you, ladies!

On another note, we've finally decided to have our digital camera fixed. After doing the research, it is more cost effective for us to have ours repaired, rather than buy a new one or buy used on ebay. This is good news because I'll finally be able to post pictures again on the blog. It's not nearly as much fun posting without cute pictures to go along. We should have our camera up and running within a few days.......I'll be sure to post lots of pics of our nearly six week old Genevieve. Come on back!


  1. Sorry you couldn't go to the conference. That's a bummer. I pray you will all feel better soon.

    Grace and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ

  2. Hope you are all starting to feel better! I figured out my hives... I'm allergic to cashews. So, I guess I'll have to find another snack :)


  3. Ian and I are fighting it off too - but strangely I seem to have caught the bulk of it this go around. I pray that you're all up and running again soon, and that Greg and the baby don't fall victim to it. Take care and thanks for stopping by! :)


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