Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Naughty Boy


Notice the sly little smirk that says, "I know you're gonna spank me for this, but oh well!"

Let me tell you.....this little boy keeps us on our toes! Seth was a BREEZE compared to sweet little Ethan. I spend a good majority of my day keeping him off of chairs, the kitchen table, the computer desk, the windowsill ledge, the piano, and the school table.

Despite the number of "no no's" and spankings he receives in the short span of a day, he just keeps on keepin' on! We're exhausted by him, BUT, we will prevail.....Lord help us!  ;-)


  1. Oh how cute! Brings back memories of 11 month old Annie climbing to the top of the roll-top desk the day after it was delivered. She never did it was as if it were a mountain to be conquered, and once done there was nothing left to prove :-)

  2. He's so cute. I think he and Lauryn are soul-mates, as this is SO what she would do! I have to pull her off the shelves at the PUBLIC LIBRARY nearly every week we go!

  3. Oh Candace, how dare you sit that poor little baby up there on that desk and accuse him of such monstrosities! ;)

  4. Idaho Gramie4:02 PM

    Gee....sounds like a sweet energetic little girl I ran after :) Better to be on the desk than fingers down a gopher hole!
    You go Ethan! Love and kisses to all!

  5. Are you sure that Ethan is not secretly giving ideas to Noah, because it sounds and looks like something Noah would do. :)

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