Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Too Much At Once

Pregnancy, Weaning, Home birth, Potty Training, Selling a House, Building a House and Homeschooling!

Sheesh! Do ya ever feel there's just too many things happening at once? Well, that's how I've been feeling in the last couple of weeks, actually months.  But things are better now! I'll try to give a brief summary.....

Pregnancy, Weaning and Home birth: Well, pregnancy.....I think that's self explanatory! EVERYTHING seems overwhelming when you're pregnant, have many kids already, AND still nursing the baby! I'm in the process of weaning Ethan, but it hasn't been as easy as all of the other kids. Slowly but surely, we're working on it!

Many of you know that we are planning our first home birth! We are VERY excited! In the beginning there was much trepidation about the financial aspect of the home birth! For us, having a hospital birth will cost us very little out-of-pocket expense thanks to insurance.  But having the home birth will yield quite a bit out of our pockets since there are no home birthing midwives on our provider list. We had to truly seek the Lord in this to make sure that we were being good stewards of this money. In the end, we concluded that it would be money well spent.

Potty Training: I had been feeling so overwhelmed in the last few months that I didn't even want to THINK about potty training Chloe! I was perfectly happy with having two kids in diapers for the time being!

Alas, I'm feeling much less overwhelmed and have begun potty training! She's doing great with the peepee part, but not so great with the poopy part! We're truckin' along though and will prevail!

Selling and Building a House: It's funny because we have always been very decisive people throughout our married life. But it seems as we've gotten older, we've had the tendency to become INdecisive! What's up with that?

We found this great house, and a great lot, in a great subdivision, and decided it was time to prepare for the future. This is a bigger home and the kids would have more outdoor space in which to roam.  In addition, it's the kind of place and home we would gladly stay in for a long, long time!

The clincher was that the sales office was offering a HUGE incentive that would bring the cost of the house down.  That, combined with what we would make on our house, made this very affordable!  No brainer, right?

In spite of all of this, we were wavering on our decision to sell our home and build this new one.  It's a big decision.  One that can't be taken lightly.

We have finally made one...and we're moving forward with building.  Time to put our house on the market.  Lord, help me!

And finally...Homeschooling: We usually start up at the beginning of August, but remember that overwhelmed funk I've been in?  Yeah, I don't think we'll be starting on time!

Thankfully, I  had planned out Cheyenne's freshman year during the last school year, but I still have some things to order.  I still have to plan out the rest of the kids' year and order material I need as well.  So, we'll be delayed a bit.

God has revived me, has allowed me to feel better, and has pulled me nearer to Him. When this happens, everything looks better, feels better, and I get much more accomplished.

Please keep our family in prayer as we enter several new phases of our lives!


  1. I'll be sorry to lose a neighbor! But I am happy that you guys are getting a new home. I'll be praying for you!

  2. I would like to say a prayer for you and Greg.
    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I want to come to you now and pray blessings upon the Sabo family. I pray that you give them overflowing peace and joy that can only come from you, Lord. I pray for Greg as the head of the house that you give him proper guidance and that he hears your comforting voice. I pray that you give him wisdom and knowledge about the decisions that he and Candace have to make. I also want to pray for Candace, I pray that as the baby is being knit together in the secret place that this precious life has your shield of protection. I pray that the baby is healthy and remains that way all through the pregnancy. Lord I also want to pray that you give Candace peace and rest as she has been feeling overwhelmed lately. I pray that she remembers to take upon your yoke as it is light, and I pray that she remembers to cast all her cares upon the Lord, for you are the only one who can make the stress, frustration, fear, and sickness feeling go away. I pray that you put your shield of protection around this family and I pray by the power of Jesus Christ our LORD and SAVIOR that you rebuke any evil that comes upon this family. I thank you Lord for Greg and Candace, they have been such a wonderful blessing to our family. I ask all these things by the power of the blood of Jesus.
    In Jesus's Name,

  3. So excited you're having a home birth -- I know you are going to LOVE it!! And can't wait to see your new house some day!

  4. Ryan, it all depends on how quickly we sell our house. As far as the new house, well, it will take 5-6 months to build. So far, houses in our neighborhood have been selling within two months. Hopefully, ours will do the same! This is the scary part about building! We plan to put our home on the market by next week!

  5. Congrats.....miss and love you lots


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