Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Girls, My Heros

They never cease to amaze me....
Yes, this is another I-can't-live-without-my-older-girls story! The other day I had my first OB appt with my midwife. My appt was at 4:00pm and Greg was working so I had the girls babysit the little ones! Since it was my first appt, I knew it would be a long one but I didn't think it would be three hours long.

Before I left for my appt, I had pre-baked some potatoes in preparation for dinner, but had told Cheyenne that I would finish dinner once I got home. Well, as my appt went on I got hungrier and hungrier and was PRAYING that the girls had at least begun dinner.

I called Cheyenne at 6pm to let her know I was on my way home. I asked her if they happened to have started dinner and her response was, "Dinner's ready and we're keeping it warm in the oven!"

I was so happy I could cry (remember, I'm pregnant). Then I asked her if she would mind feeding Ethan (the baby) because I'm sure he was starving by then.  She responded with, "We already fed him!"

What topped things off was when I got home.  The house was spotless, all the kids were fed, and they had my place at the table neatly set and ready for me to sit down! I'm about to cry again just thinking about it! Talk about a blessing!

Although my girls do sweet things like this on a regular basis, I'm still always so amazed by their sweet spirits and servant's hearts!

To show them my love and appreciation, I took them out and treated them to Starbucks last night! We had a great time!

On another I'm writing this post, I hear Celeste upstairs teaching the four little ones about what to do in case of a fire! So funny....she's quizzing them! Very cute!


  1. sweet, sweet! yea for starbucks!

  2. How sweet they are!

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I started to tear up just reading your blog. I will be happy if Trinity is half as precious as your girls!! I wish we were there so Trinity could be around Cheyenne and Celeste to learn what it means to have a servant and sweet spirit like Jesus.

  4. I love your children; hearing stories about them gives me such hope and joy. I wish I could've been a fly on your wall about 10 years ago so I could learn how you cultivated some of these traits in them. And I know you give all glory to God for shaping them into who they are! But He sure did use you as His instrument, I know.

  5. They are so sweet...tell them I am proud too! love ya

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  7. I am here tearing up as I read your post. What wonderful little women you and Greg are raising. Thank you for being such good role models for parents that need to see what parenting should look like. You are truely blessed.


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